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Not only do they have traditional media tools to consider but now they have to figure out all the new media channels available to them and where these fit in. Like they didn’t have enough to worry about.


We’ve all heard that when developing brand strategies you need to consider integrating traditional media channels with digital.

But there’s more - digital media is not always online. One example that’s a little old now is when Volkswagen showed us that anything can be used as media – even subway stairs.

See Mashable.com for the video (interestingly the video got much more exposure that the stairs campaign – or was that maybe the aim from the beginning?)


A brand’s digital strategy is no longer separate to the brand marketing strategy but forms an important part of it – the part that has the potential to interact with consumers over the long term.

And new media doesn’t mean the death of great creative concept - it just means great ideas can be expressed in so many more ways.

Artifact Advertising has recently gone through its own strategic and brand overhaul – merging Artifact Online and Artifact Advertising to form Artifact – a strategic, creative agency, and selling a stake of the business to Age Group, headed by Reggie Naidoo.

Artifact offers clients integrated strategies that ensure customers engage with brands and are encouraged to build long term relationships with them through traditional and new media channels.

Artifact has launched a new website www.artifact.co.za and you can follow them on Facebook.

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